HAC Mining Pool

The first HAC pool that supports both GPU and CPU

Withdraw your HAC mining rewards

The current fee for the mining pool is 0%! Payment methods: PPLNS.

To know about the overview information of the mining pool, please click contribution address list.

When a block is found in the pool, enter your mining address to withdraw the HAC reward, up to once every 24 hours.

Mining program download link:

Operating system and environmental configuration requirements:

  • Ubuntu 16.0 or Windows 10 above version
  • OpenCL 1.2 or higher graphics card driver

Steps after downloading and extracting the files:

  • In the extracted folder, modify the reward address in the 'miner.config.ini' file to your own address
  • Choose between CPU or GPU mining

For CPU mining:

  • First, disable GPU mining by changing the 'gpu_enable' from 'true' to 'false'
  • Modify the 'supervene' parameter to match the number of cores (or threads) of your CPU
  • Select the ubuntu or windows10 that suits your system, and double-click to start mining

For GPU mining:

  • Simply select the ubuntu or windows10 that suits your system and double-click to start mining
  • After the GPU code is successfully compiled, the mining will automatically connect and begin.

Note: There's no need to manually input the mining pool's IP address or other details. The program is preconfigured to automatically connect to the hacash.diamonds pool and will initiate mining automatically.

If you're unable to run the program, please execute it through the Terminal to view any errors. For further assistance, you can contact @HacashWizard on Telegram.