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Create a buy order

Note: The purchased diamonds must belong to the same address; the total price is not less than 10HAC, and the handling fee is 3% of the total price; please ensure that the payment address has sufficient balance;

Please copy the transaction body below and complete the signature with the private key or password of the address {{address}} in the offline secure wallet.

Copy and paste the signed transaction body into the input box below, and click the confirm button, the buy order will take effect.
Note: Please carefully check the transaction to be signed, check the amount, handling fee, diamond name, address of the buyer and seller and other data, if there is any abnormality or data does not match, please do not sign!

Note: This platform is a completely decentralized trading platform (platform fee address: 1LBBUoAgnXXsWh5ZtKUizXikxfs4sXURP3), Once the order is filled, it is irrevocable. Please check the transaction information carefully! The order is valid for 14 days, and the order will be automatically removed from the shelf if it is overdue.
Order Confirmation: Total price {{payamt}} HAC to buy Diamonds {{diamonds}}

The buy order has been submitted successfully! valid for 14 days.

Order ID: {{submitid}}, tx hash: {{submithash}}, awaiting the seller to sign the tx.

Check the order list to see.