Wrapped Hacash
on {{tarchain.name}} - {{tarchain.protocol}}

Wrapped Hacash on {{tarchain.name}} ({{tarchain.coin}}) is the first {{tarchain.protocol}} token backed 1:1 with Hacash(HAC). It's fully transparent and 100% verifiable.You can easily exchange your HAC for wHACb using the HAC {{tarchain.name}} bridge on Hacash.Diamonds, and you can switch back to HAC from {{tarchain.coin}} at any time.

Hacash.Diamonds provides reliable security for {{tarchain.coin}}, and all issued {{tarchain.coin}} tokens are fully backed and verified through Hacash on-chain proof of reserves.The system is considered secure as long as the HAC reserves in the Hacash custodians address exceed the number of {{tarchain.coin}} tokens.

Hacash: {{tarchain.HAC_addr}}
{{tarchain.name}}: 0x{{tarchain.token.substr(0,20)}}...

{{tarchain.coin}} can bring greater liquidity to the Hacash ecosystem and can be used in decentralized exchanges (DEX) and financial applications on the {{tarchain.name}}.

HAC {{tarchain.name}} Bridge

{{amount[2]}} {{direction==2 ? tarchain.coin : 'HAC'}}
{{amount[2]}} {{direction==1 ? tarchain.coin : 'HAC'}}
Terms & Conditions

By claiming an address, bridging and Wrapped Hacash on BNB Chain, you recognize and take on risk. This risk being this bridge.

Should anything happen to the bridge or the underlying keys securing tokens, you might not be able to redeem back.

To mitigate risk, refrain from storing wHACb in large quantities and bridge back to mainnet when possible.

Also note, all bridged tokens are staked in Hacash.Diamonds cold wallet and are unstaked at time of withdrawal as needed.

If you acknowledge these terms and wish to bridge at your own risk, please continue.


{{direction==1?'Amount':'Unwrap out'}}


{{direction==1?'Wrap into':'Amount'}}


Fee: {{tarchain.feeh}} {{coins[0]}}
I have read and agree to Agreement


Please transfer {{amount[1]}} {{coins[0]}} (including {{tarchain.feeh}} {{coins[0]}} bridge fee) to the {{names[0]}} address:

{{direction==1 ? tarchain.HAC_addr : ('0x'+tarchain.EVM_addr)}}

After the bridge process, you will receive {{amount[2]}} {{coins[1]}} on your {{names[1]}} address.

Copy the {{coins[0]}} transaction hash for this deposit and click 'Next'.

Step 1

{{`${coins[0]} Address You Used for Deposit`}}


Step 2

{{`Transaction Hash for ${names[0]} Deposit`}}


Step 3

{{`Address to Receive ${coins[1]}`}}


Congratulations on completing the bridge process!

It will take about 1 hour to wrap. If it is not completed after 24 hours, please contact @HacashWizard through Twitter or Telegram